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Professional Pest Management in the San Diego Area

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“San Diego Pest Control Services That Are Custom Tailored To Your Unique Pest Problem”

Unlike most pest control services out there that have a one size fits all program, Allied Services designs a program around your pest situation.

What this means:

            1. You only pay for services you need-never again do you have to pay for a program that requires you to have services done that you really don't want or need.
            2. When you only pay for the services you need, you get to pay for a service that is focused on eliminating your pest control problem instead of wasting money on pest control services on pests that you don't have just because it is part of the one size fits all program.
            3. Highly focused service that guarantees to get rid of the pests that are bothering you.

Personalized Services

At Allied Services another benefit you won’t find in any other company is personalized attention.  Locally owned and operated means more then likely you will have me, Dave Deluca, come out and eliminate your unwanted pests. 

Children Safe Chemicals

Another thing we are highly conscious of is your family. If you have kids our services are designed to avoid harming them.

  1. All our chemicals are odorless, yet effective, so you don't have to worry about the smells bothering your family.
  2. Hand mixed to ensure the highest potency so you only pay for chemicals that will eliminate pests, rather then just annoy them.

Pest Elimination Guaranteed

One thing you can count on when we come out to service you and your family, your pests will be eliminated.  We don't like to call ourselves a pest control company. We are more of a pest elimination company. This means when we come out, your pests are guaranteed to be eliminated.

Call Us Today To Receive A No Cost Pest Evaluation And Have Us Design A Service For You At (858) 538-2777.


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